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Display advertising in Serene Directory shall comply with the criteria specified for display advertising. The publication of any advertisement by Serene Recovery Network, Inc. is not an endorsement of the advertiser or of the products or services advertised. Serene Recovery Network, Inc. is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement. Advertisers may not, without prior written consent, incorporate in a subsequent advertisement the fact that a product or service has been advertised in Serene Directory. Serene Recovery Network, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any advertising.

Payment must accompany display ads. Ads submitted without payment will not be published. Serene Directory does not bill for advertisements or allow credit terms. Advertising rates are subject to change without notice. Serene Recovery Network, Inc. advertising is non-commissionable.

Ad Requirements
Display ads should be submitted as a high quality JPG or GIF files (72 dpi RGB). A compressed file can be sent to

Display ads must be exactly measured according to the listed ad sizes. To determine size correctly, measure the ad from outside border to outside border.

Header Banner Display Ad = 550 pixels wide x 120 pixel tall
Side Banner Display Ad = 200 pixels wide x 200 pixels tall

Typesetting is available from Serene Directory at a charge of $75.00 per half-hour or fraction thereof. Logos, photos and other art may be included if in an EPS or PSD format.

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Header Banner Display Ad = rotating advertisment with 5 slots available site-wide until state selection is made

Side Banner Display Ad = static positioning site-wide until state selection is made